Rock Lake 21 Contests Announced!

We will be hosting a number of competitions that will align with the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 flight and moon landing!

Contest 1 – Altitude

As this is the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission to the moon, and the moon will be approximately 364,000 KM from the earth at perigee around the dates of Rock Lake, we will be having two altitude contests.

A-G motors: Altitude to reach is 364 feet.  Use your Jolly Logic or Estes altimeter to measure.  Closest flight to that altitude on ANY model motor, will win a prize.

Highpower motors: Altitude to reach is 3640 feet.  Use any reporting altimeter to measure. Closest flight to that altitude on ANY model motor, will win a prize.

Contest 2 – Lander

Continuing in our Apollo 11 theme, we will have a contest for ANY lander of ANY scale.  Object will be to land closest to the pin, but we will have a point structure that will encompass impulse landing location, landing upright, and other factors to allow ALL motor classes to compete together.  Break out your stock or upscaled Mars Lander, Mars Snooper, Soviet Lander, Starship Vega, and Outlander.  Or, maybe you have a great custom design that you want to use.  The only rule is that it must have legs!

Event prize sponsers currently include The Canadian Rocket Store,, and the Lethbridge Rocketry Association.  

CRS pic

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